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26th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration


The Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration invites you to attend the 26th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration on Saturday, February 22, 2020. Dynamiclecturer, teacher and author, Dr. Harry Edwards, will speak at Modesto Junior College’sPerforming Arts & Media Center, 435 College Ave. at 7:00 p.m.


As part of the Commemoration, Leng Power will present to community activist and advocatefor the homeless, Frank Ploof, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy Award for his communityservice (see article, this issue).


Earlier at 4:00 p.m. students are invited to meet Dr. Edwards at the King-KennedyMemorial Center, 601 S. Martin Luther King Dr., Modesto. At 5:00 p.m. there will areception open to the public.


Harry Edwards grew up in East St. Louis, Illinois. After an outstanding career atEast St. Louis High, he graduated in 1960 and was awarded an athletic scholarshipto San Jose State University from which he graduated in 1964 with high honors. Hesubsequently was awarded a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship and a University Fellowship toCornell University where he completed a M.A. and a Ph.D. in sociology. He was on thefaculty of California at Berkeley from 1970 – 2001 and currently is Professor Emeritusin the Department of Sociology.


From 1992 through 2001, Dr. Edwards was a consulting inmate counselor at the San FranciscoCounty Jail and periodically worked with inmate programs at California’s San QuentinState Prison. From 2001 through 2003, Dr. Edwards was Director of the Department ofParks and Recreation for the City of Oakland, California.


Dr. Edwards has a long and storied history of activism focused upon developments atthe interface of sport, race, and society. The combination of his experiences as anAfrican-American, as an athlete in the 1960’s, and his training in the disciplineof sociology led Harry to propose that by the late 1960’s America had become verycomplacent about the issue of race in sports. He ultimately called for a Black athleteboycott of the United States 1968 Olympic team in large part to dramatize the racialinequities and barriers confronting Blacks in sport and society. The movement resultedin demonstrations by Black athletes across the nation and ultimately at the MexicoCity games – a movement commemorated by a 24-foot high statue on the campus at SanJose State University.


Years later, Dr. Edwards was to become a consultant on issues of diversity for allthree major sports. He was hired by the Commissioner of Major League Baseball in 1987to help with efforts to increase front office representation of minorities and womenin baseball. He also was with the Golden State Warriors of the NBA from 1987 through1995, specializing in player personnel recruitment and counseling. In 1986, he beganwork with the San Francisco 49ers in the area of player personnel counseling and programs.The programs and methods that he developed for handling player personnel issues wereadopted by the entire NFL in 1992, as was the Minority Coaches’ Internship Programdeveloped by he and Coach Bill Walsh to increase opportunities for minority coachesin the NFL.


Over his career, Harry Edwards has persisted in efforts to compel the sports establishmentto confront and to effectively address issues pertaining to diversity and equal opportunitywithin its rank. Edwards, a scholar-activist who became spokesperson for what amountedto a revolution in sports, is now considered a leading authority on developments atthe interface of race, sport, and society and was a pioneering scholar in the foundingof the sociology of sport as an academic discipline.


Dr. Edwards has been a consultant with producers of sports related programs for numeroustelevision and film productions in the United States and abroad over the last 40 years.He has received dozens of awards and honors, including several honorary doctoratedegrees and has been honored by the University of Texas which has established the “Dr. Harry Edwards Lectures”, a permanent series of invited lectures on themes relatedto sport and society. He has written many articles and four books: The Struggle That Must Be, Sociology of Sports, Black Students, The Revolt of theBlack Athlete.



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African American Education Conference

Please join MJC as we seek to inform, inspire, engage and

empower current and future students

You are cordially invited to attend and participate in the Modesto Junior College African American Education Conference planned for Saturday, February 29, 2020. The purpose of the African American Conference is to enrich and empower current and future Modesto Junior College students to be successful in pursuing higher education.


Conference Theme: CALL TO ACTION: The Ancestors are not calling, they're shouting!

Conference Highlights:

• Opening: MJC UMOJA Community Faculty Coordinator Al Smith

• Welcome: MJC President Dr. James Houpis, BSU President Chanel Johnson and ASMJC President Mikayla Ramirez

•  Keynote Address

• Session 1: Student Panel Discussion: Dr. Jacquelyn Forte

• Session 2: Call to Action: LaKiesha McDonald

•AAEC Legacy Award Presentation

Registration Includes:

•Dinner and Entertainment



Location: Modesto Junior College Mary Stuart Rogers Center 2201 Blue Gum Avenue, Modesto, CA 95358.

2020 UC Merced 14th Annual Human Rights Film Festival

February 28, 2020 at7 pm UC Merced, ACS 120 Auditorium

 Adios Amor: The Search for Maria Moreno

(Laurie Coyle, 2018, 58 min)


Maria Moreno was a migrant mother driven to speak out by her twelve children’s hunger. Years before Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta launched the United Farm Workers, Maria was the first farmworker woman in America to be hired as a union organizer. Maria Moreno’s story was silenced, and her legacy buried until now.


Robin Maria DeLugan, PhD

Associate Professor of Anthropology

University of California, Merced

Office: SSM 353A

Phone: 209-228-4032


 Author: Reimagining National Belonging: Post-civil War El Salvador in a Global Context (2012 University of Arizona Press)



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