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County to Provide Drive Through Testing

Stanislaus County is opening a new community-based testing site to expand COVID-19 testing for Stanislaus County residents, supported by the Health Services Agency and in collaboration with Verily's Baseline COVID-19 Program.


Residents can screen their symptoms and, if eligible, can make an appointment for testing at the Salida Library online by using the Baseline COVID-19 Program online screener and appointment scheduling system found at www.projectbaseline.com/COVID19. This program is first focusing on high-risk populations as advised by national guidelines. The screening and testing criteria are based on public health guidelines and may be updated to reflect the latest guidance from public health authorities.


“We have wanted to offer more COVID-19 testing opportunities to people at risk for severe disease within Stanislaus County, but limited testing supplies made this a challenge,” said Stanislaus County Public Health Officer Dr. Julie Vaishampayan. “Our partnership with Verily will help bring the resources and tools to Stanislaus County to offer COVID-19 testing without over loading the healthcare system.”


Stanislaus County’s community-based COVID-19 testing program is directed by the Stanislaus County Health Services Agency. In collaboration, the Baseline COVID-19 Program provides a connected solution to support individuals from screening through testing and receipt of their test results. Verily developed The Baseline COVID-19 Program working closely with state and local government health authorities and other private health organizations to expand access to COVID-19 screening and testing in areas with a high volume of known cases.


Eligible persons must be 18 years or older, live in Stanislaus County and willing to electronically sign the COVID-19 Public Health Authorization Form and Lab Consent. Based on the COVID-19 screener and testing appointment availability, individuals will learn whether they are eligible for testing through this program and will be provided a testing location appointment. Please visit www.projectbaseline.com/COVID19 to learn more.


Online screening is available now.

Essential Workers May be Eligible for  Help Paying for Child Care

Families who are considered part of the essential workforce and are currently working during the stay-at-home order may be eligible to get help paying for child care. This includes essential service workers who work in the health care sector, such as public health and emergency services, service workers in food and agriculture sectors, teachers and educational staff, producers of early learning and care services, including kitchen and other support staff, state and local government workers, information technology, energy production, transportation and logistics, chemical production and hazardous materials, along with financial services.


Merced County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Steve Tietjen said child care keeps our families working and helps our economy. “It is crucial that we provide child care and other services for the essential workers who are on the front lines every day,” he said. “MCOE continues to work with child care providers to help provide safe child care environments and is able to help offset costs for more essential workers.”


Christie Hendricks, assistant superintendent of the Early Education Department at the Merced County Office of Education, says her agency specializes in helping families pay for child care and providing child care referrals to families for their specific child care needs.


“We have been very busy in the last month, setting up the staff to work remotely and enrolling essential workers on this child care program. It has been a little crazy and we very happy to be able to help essential workers," she said. "There are 300 child care slots or openings for families of essential workers; they have already had 150 applications from families seeking the service."


Rosa Barragan, program manager with the MCOE Early Education Department, said these are additional child care slots due to the COVID-19 pandemic and encourages families to apply. Her office is working to get the word out to businesses and the 20 local school districts serving Merced County.


“These are new funds, for families meeting the eligibility criteria, to help pay for child care. MCOE Child Care Resource and Referral is updating child care supply at least twice a week. We also provide child care referrals to licensed child care providers; we are calling it an enhanced referral,” Hendricks said.


Barragan said there are 169 family child care providers and 11 centers open, ready to serve the children of essential workers. MCOE works with the California Department of Social Services, which handles community care licensing, and are all working closely with child care providers to ensure they are following the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and best practices put in place by CDSS to ensure the child care environments are safe and minimize the spread of COVID-19.


For more information, call MCOE at (209) 381-4585 or email childcare@mcoe.org

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New #SAVETHESALON Fund to Raise $2 Million For Black Hairstylists

Posted: May 22, 2020

In partnership with Ben & Felicia Horowitz, Jack Dorsey's #startsmall (the chief executive of Twitter and Square) Libra/The Pritzker Family, and The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, Mayvenn is raising funds to bring much-needed relief to hairstylists in the Black community.

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) -- The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating to Black communities across the country, and the salons and barbershops at the center of these communities are suffering in unprecedented ways. Black hair salons and barbershops are the backbone of Black entrepreneurship in our communities. With mandatory salon closures across the country, these small businesses have lost all means of income. Financial support for them at this time is critical.

In order to help the stylist community stay afloat during these difficult times, Mayvenn, a Black-owned supplier and distributor of high quality beauty products, has launched their #SaveTheSalon campaign to raise money to provide $500 for stylists across the country via their GoFundMe page. Every $1M will help 2,000 stylists in need. Mayvenn's #SaveTheSalon campaign plans to raise at least $2M to provide $500 for 4,000 of their stylists.


"We recognize the overall cracks in our economic systems often put Black stylists into vulnerable positions, with or without COVID-19. Mayvenn is exploring not only how to support stylists in this difficult moment, but to be a better partner in the long term," says Diishan Imira, CEO and Founder of Mayvenn


In support of this goal, Mayvenn has garnered backing from Ben and Felicia Horowitz, Jack Dorsey's #startsmall (the chief executive of Twitter and Square), Libra/the Pritzker Family, and The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation. Under the backing of these donors, for every ONE dollar raised by the community, TEN dollars is received up to $1M.

"Helping stylists is at the core of who we are and what our mission has been since day one. I take it as a personal responsibility to do what I can for the stylist community during this crisis," says Imira. Mayvenn itself has committed to donating $100,000 for relief. Says Diishan, "This money is coming to them at a critical moment, and we’re asking for the support of the community to raise the rest so we can continue to provide this much-needed assistance."


Mayvenn is a technology company that was created to empower hairstylists in the African American community. Using technology, Mayvenn helps to boost stylists' incomes by connecting them with new clients and helping them sell products. Mayvenn has paid out over $20M in commissions and booking income to stylists over the past 5 years.


How YOU Can Help:

* Any amount helps. Please give what you can at GoFundMe.com/SaveTheSalon and share this online with the hashtag #SaveTheSalon.


* Post your favorite selfie after your stylist made you feel beautiful and show them how much they mean to you. Tag us using the hashtag #SaveTheSalon. This will help us spread the message further.


*These are difficult times for all of us. But in difficult times, we find opportunities to come together, support each other, and make it through says Imira. Adding, "Hairstylists make us look and feel good so that we can tackle the world with confidence - now, it's our turn to give them that same energy."


Join us in uplifting the cornerstones of our community. Donate below and share using hashtag #SaveTheSalon.

Learn more and/or make a donation at GoFundMe.com/SaveTheSalon



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