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MJC Student Appointed to The CCC Board Of Governors

College student Alexis Zaragoza was recently appointed to the California Community Colleges Board of Governors by Governor Jerry Brown.  She currently serves as Vice President for the Associated Students of  Modesto Junior College (ASMJC).


“We are excited to welcome Ms. Zaragoza to the Board of Governors,” said California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Oakley. “She is one of the two student representatives on the board tasked with voicing the perspectives and challenges of our more than 2.1 million students, and we look forward to working with her in this important role.”


 Zaragoza, 20, of Patterson, has been a student at MJC since 2016, where she has held several positions for the ASMJC, including director of political development, director of student relations, and senator of community relations.


 Zaragoza is an MJC Honors Program student and completed honors studies in Political Science with Professor Kerri Stephens. She represented MJC at the Honors Symposium at U.C. Berkeley in May of 2018 with her presentation: “Democracy for Which It Stands: Linking the Flaws within Democratic Systems That Facilitate Destabilization and Terrorism within the Global South.”


Zaragoza is also a member of the MJC Freedom Forum and the Patterson Progressive Alliance. She served as a field organizer for Josh Harder’s congressional campaign in 2018.

A limited number of student applications accepted for spring 2019

Fresno State will accept a limited number of student applications for the spring 2019 semester from new, upper-division transfer applicants and graduate students starting on Aug. 1. The application deadline is Aug. 31.


Since 2015, Fresno State has been an impacted campus, meaning the University receives more qualified applicants than its state funding model will support. This makes admission to Fresno State increasingly competitive — meeting the minimum California State University requirements does not guarantee admission to Fresno State.


For the fall 2018 semester, a record 26,000 students applied for admission for about 5,400 slots.

Only students in these two categories are eligible for spring admission:


• New upper division transfer applicants from local area community colleges who have completed all transfer admission requirements by earning an Associate Degree for Transfer by the end of fall 2018 (SB 1440 program). The minimum GPA for admission is 2.75. Visit the Fresno State website for a list of local community colleges.


• Graduate and post baccalaureate: open to new and returning applicants in selected graduate and credential programs.

“As in previous years, Fresno State will limit admissions for the spring semester to new, upper-division transfer applicants and graduate students. Interested first-time freshmen, lower-division transfers, upper-division transfers who will not receive an Associate Degree for Transfer and returning students will need to wait for the fall 2019 semester to apply,” said Dr. Malisa Lee, associate vice president of enrollment management in the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at Fresno State.


Fresno State is also accepting applications for post-baccalaureate students. Students are encouraged to visit for more information and deadline dates on specific graduate programs.


Students can apply online at starting on Aug. 1. Information regarding spring admission and document deadlines is available online.


For more information, contact Admissions and Recruitment at (559) 278-2261.

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Technical Schools Create Pathway To In-Demand Careers

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For many young people today, the road to success leads through a technical school education.

(NAPSI)—When it comes to higher education, one size does not fit all. Every student is wired differently. For some, a four-year college degree may be ideal, but for others, a technical training program may be the best option.


There is growing recognition that hands-on professionals are increasingly valuable and in demand. Companies of all stripes—including WD-40 Company and 11 other transportation industry partners—are stepping up to the plate to support groups like TechForce Foundation, whose mission is to champion students through their education and into careers as professional technicians.


“Our goal is to support naturally skilled tactile learners with tools and resources—like after-school programs, clubs and activities, mentors and experiences—that allow them to engage with the quickly growing and highly technical world of vehicle technology,” said Jennifer Maher, CEO and executive director of TechForce Foundation. “These tools and resources will also allow their parents and influencers to understand there are promising technical career opportunities that they may not have considered.”


Technical schools offer numerous benefits:

A Path to Success: Technical and vocational schools match unique talents with the ways that some students learn and thrive. TechForce Foundation is a nonprofit organization that offers a learning style test to tell if a technical school is right for a particular student.


Access to Jobs: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the automotive industry alone will need nearly 76,000 additional technicians in the future to make up for those who will soon age out of the workforce, meaning graduates from automotive technical schools will be in demand.

Focus on Technology: With approximately 100 million lines of code, most vehicles today are computers on wheels. Today’s technicians must use critical analytical and diagnostic skills that are steeped in science, technology, engineering and math.


For more information about finding, funding or attending a technical school, visit


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